Nishan Doxan, better known as Nisho (15.02.2012) – is a Kurdish YouTuber who was born and lives in Germany. He has a YouTube channel that specializes in critical social and political sketches, and deals with topics of interest to the Kurdish community in Europe and Rojava. He also publishes videos which hold messages directed to the Kurdish viewer directly, keeping pace with current topics and events, such as his video on the Kurdish Language Day.

His personal life:

The child, Nishan Doxan, was born in 2012 in the German city of Hanover, to a Kurdish family who sought refuge in Germany from Syria because of the war. He is the son of Kurdish producer and director Deysem Doxan, and his uncle is the famous Kurdish artist Dilo Doxan.

Beginnings on YouTube:

Before Nishan joining the YouTube world, his parents noticed Nishan’s talent for acting from a young age, so his mother documented some of his moments with videos, the idea of that was to keep Nishan as a memory when he grows up. Then the Corona pandemic came, which forced everyone to stay at home, so his father’s idea was to shoot and produce sketches presented and by Nishan. Here was the launch of his official and professional entry into the YouTube world, with the technical support of his father in terms of photography, montage and directing, as well as writing scripts for the Kurdish scriptwriter Rodi Heme.

Nishan has the ability to impersonate different and dramatic characters, in addition to comedy, he can play more complex roles in dramas according to his age.

Nishan, like any Kurdish child in European countries, needed to develop his Kurdish language, these sketches contributed and even helped him greatly, according to a statement to his father in an interview with him on Diaspora program on Rudaw Kurdish TV 12-2-2021.

His first social sketch dealt with the topic of naming a newborn and the confusion that parents experience when naming a child. The video titled “Navê Baby”, achieved unexpected popularity, and served as a starting point and encouragement for the production of other sketches. Nishan’s father created a channel for Nishan on YouTube, which collects all his sketches and videos, and the official start of the channel was on May 17, 2020.

Kurdistan 24 and Rûdaw:

Nishan’s talent and ability to play five different acting roles in one sketch, in addition to the strong and smooth Kurdish language that everyone understands, drew the attention of the most famous Kurdish TV channels, including Kurdistan 24, Rûdaw and other Kurdish media outlets. Nishan also achieved widespread in the Kurdish community on social media and its platforms, the situation that quickly moved to the ground, on every occasion where Nishan was present, All  approached to him to salute him and praise him for what he does, except for many messages of thanks and support, asking him to continue and do more.

Appreciation and praise:

The Kurdish personality, Dr. Faraj Ramo, presented a shield of thanks to Nishan Doxan on February 17, 2021, in appreciation of his sketches that serve the Kurdish community and the Kurdish language. Faraj Ramo holds a Ph.D. in Education and has been working since 2006 as a lecturer at Bielefeld University. His interests do not stop at the academic side, but rather he has a social project to support coexistence, where he established an annual prize awarded to personalities who have contributions in this field inside the German society.

His charitable activity:

Nishan has devoted his name and fame to serve humanitarian projects, the last of which was in April 2021, where Nishan participated in the promotion and publicity for a donation campaign for Yazidi children in the camps. Nishan Doxan is still achieving more popularity and fame thanks to what he offers, exceeding the number of his followers on social media platforms, including Instagram, to 100 thousand followers.


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